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Wedding Packages

First off, thank you for considering me as your wedding photographer! I’m truly honored. I only take a handful of weddings a year to make sure that I can create a relationship with my couples. The main reason being I want your wedding day to run smoothly and feel like we know each other before your big day. A great way for us to get to know each other is through an engagement session. 


Engagement sessions are a great way to build anticipation and excitement for your big day! Not only will you have photos you can share on social media, many of my couples use their photos for invitations, table decorations, or even slide shows to be shown at their reception. Bonus we can talk about your wedding plans and I will answer any questions about your contract after our session. When your big day comes around, we already have a rapport built, so on the big day, it feels like a friend was capturing the wedding instead of a conglomerate photographer.


For this reason, a one hour Engagement session is built in to all Wedding Packages


There are few moments in our lives that can compare to the joy and magic of a wedding. It's a moment that not only signifies the joining of two individuals, but is a day in which worlds come together, where families and friends get to witness and partake in the beginning of a very special moment for two lucky souls. And that moment is as important to us as it is to you. 



4 HOURS ($1,400)

This coverage can generally fit ceremony and reception coverage or getting ready and ceremony


6 HOURS ($2,100)

Most couples getting ready, ceremony, and reception can be photographed in this time frame, if events move fairly quickly, and/or if the guest count is fairly small. This package includes two photographers.


8 HOURS ($2,500)

Generally, 8 hours allows us to capture everything, and capture it well! From detail shots, to formal photos with your wedding party, 8 hours will get it, especially if you have a good coordinator. This package includes two photographers.


9 HOURS ($2,800)

 If you're planning to have a longer reception, have an extended day that needs to be covered, or just want to make sure everything is documented well, 9-10 hours of coverage will do the job. This package includes two photographers. 



Additional  hours ($200)

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