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Hello there!

That’s me, Sarah. The women behind this thriving business I’ve created in 2016 from my obsession with photography. I have an art degree in Photography and Graphic Design. But more importantly, photography is a passion. I love the challenge and creativity that is sparked every time I look through my lens. 

I’m the chaos coordinator to two little boys who call me Mama. I’m married to a motocross racing, adrenaline junkie who shares my love of adventure and outdoors. We have a Beagle puppy named Bryon. He is such a lover & perfect pocket sized addition to our family.

I was born & raised in Southeastern, Wisconsin. We LOVE long road trips around the country, spend days at the motocross track, love bike rides & soaking in as much sunshine as possible.

I’m terrible at bios, amazing at run on sentences, hate taking “selfies”, passionate about fitness & think Im pretty great at capturing life with my Canon.

For those I’ve had the pleasure of capturing, I look forward to seeing you again! Also to those new faces, I hope to see you in the future

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